hosted by TechTogether

July 25th - 26th | Virtual Event

Take your hobby to the next level at HobbyHacks! Create a hack that combines code with your favorite pastime activity (Netflix not included). Whether you're a beginner or advanced hacker, this event is for you. HobbyHacks is for women (cis & trans) and non-binary individuals. Men are welcome to mentor or participate as sponsors.

Each Winning Team Will Get $1,000 Donated to the Charity or Nonprofit of Their Choice

TechTogether will award prizes in the form of donations to one of the following charities or nonprofits to the team's whose projects best combine technology with their hobby category. TechTogether will be giving away $5k total in donations.

The charities and nonprofits eligible for donations are: G|Code House, Code2040, Transgender Law Center, /dev/color, Resilient Coders, Black Girls Code, Hack Diversity, Reclaim the Block, Fuel the Fight Boston, and the Black Visions Collective.

The challenge categories are: Arts &Crafts, Cooking, Gaming, Reading/Writing, and Music.

Friday, July 24th

5:00pm EST Hackathon Tips for Beginners
Hosted by Zane Hasnain

6:00pm EST Team Formation Activity
Hosted by TechTogether

7:00pm EST Movie Night, Becoming
Hosted by TechTogether

Saturday, July 25th

9:00am EST Opening Ceremony

10:00am EST Team Formation Activity

10:30am EST Web Dev 101: Where Do I Start?
Hosted by Anum Ahmad

11:30am EST Intro to React
Hosted by Christine Luo

1:00pm EST The Art of Being Lazy: How to Automate Tasks with Python
Hosted by Melissa Lin

2:30pm EST The AI Mindset - How to Build an AI Product
Hosted by Heena Purohit

3:00pm EST Turn Your Spotify Music Into Code: Introduction to Third Party APIs
Hosted by Sreeya Sai

3:30pm EST Art in Coding: Intro to Processing
Hosted by Sarah Chou

4:00pm EST Intro to Python: Create Your Own Interactive Text-based Adventure Game
Hosted by Kelly Ly

5:00pm EST Technical Interview Practice Session (TIPS!)
Hosted by Sarah Chou

6:00pm EST Show & Tell Hobby Hour
Hosted by TechTogether

7:00pm EST How Tech Can Change the Fashion Industry
Hosted by Kendra Levy

8:30pm EST Taylor Swift Trivia!
Hosted by Sarah Chou

Sunday, July 26th

10:00am EST Women in STEM Career Workshop

10:30am EST An Alternative Approach to College
Hosted by Margarita Zias

11:00am EST From Cash to Crowdfunding: How to Fund your Idea
Hosted by Sarah Griesdorf

12:00pm EST How Hackathons Prepared me for a Career as a Product Manager
Hosted by Chris Jones

12:30pm EST Students Without Internships: How to Make the Most of Summer 2020
Hosted by Jasmine Nunez

2:00pm EST Hackathon Organizer Meetup

2:30pm EST Devpost Workshop

4:00pm EST Judging Begins

8:00pm EST Closing Ceremony

Featured Mentors & Judges

Chris Hafley

Software Engineer, BrightEdge

Freddie Vargus

Data Science Engineer, Indigo Ag

Christopher Jones

Product Manager, New York Road Runners

Taye Johnson

Data Analytics Manager, Eidolon Communications

Heena Purohit

Lead Product Manager, IBM Watson

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been programming since an early age, virtual hackathons are a great place to learn new skills, build your network, find jobs, and have fun (Source: MLH, Welcome to the 2020 Hackathon Season).
This hackathon is for women (cis & trans) and non-binary partcipants only. Men are welcome to mentor or participate as sponsors.
No experience is required to attend this event. While experience coding and programming is a huge plus, it is not necessary to be a part of this event.
Nothing! Thanks to our amazing sponsors, HobbyHacks is free to attend.
No worries! Just let us know by filling out this form and we will try to get you the resources you need to participate.
Registration will close the day before the event on July 24th.
While you do have the option of working alone, HobbyHacks is a team event so working with others is encouraged. There are a few ways to find teammates: You can pick your team from people you already know, or meet them virtually at team formation events during the hackathon.